Day 4

Tibooburra to broken hill

Last day before the rest day, 53 gates to open and close luckily we had a gate opener in the back seat.

Stopped in packsaddle for lunch just after the trip computer stopped working and filled the car up.

Pulled into broken hill and found someone with a starter motor that was pulled out of a car that got hit by a monster truck and fireworks set off in it, lucky we only needed the one piece that wasn’t destroyed.

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Day 3

White cliffs to Tibooburra

Left early in the morning, 4 million donuts later we arrived in Tibooburra. Now white cliffs doesn’t seem like the middle of nowhere , slept on the floor while Gerry from car 26 snored the roof off, sounded like a truck was crashing through the building.

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Day 2

Cobar to White cliffs via Tilpa, 554kms of dirt because there is no tar roads that go into White cliffs

Hit two kangaroos today, one of them jumped out in front of the car and got a clip on the tail (he survived) the other was already dead and it was too dusty to see him so we went straight over him. Came in second place today!

Thought we had a broken fuel tank but it turned out ok. Air filter cover was broken but nothing 100 mile an hour tape couldn’t fix .

We slept underground in the motel, it was really creepy and weird it was so quiet!

The light shaft in our room

More day 1

The last corner at end of stage before lunch the car in front of us “where’s Wally” was in the roof! Lucky everyone was ok but the car was destroyed

Day 1

Griffith to Cobar via Condobolin 4 stages, 595Km

Had one flat tire and lost the starter motor. Lots of pushing to do!

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